Package quantum-octave for GNU Octave and Matlab


  • New release 0.2.0 with new file names. — Jarek Miszczak 2009/07/13 10:27
  • We have switched to SVN, and CVS repository wont be supported. — Jarek Miszczak 2007/05/16 15:18

General information

Package quantum-octave is a set of GNU Octave functions for simulations of quantum computers and quantum systems. It allows to operate on regisetrs, build complex quantum gates and perform calculations with mixed states. Most functions uses only basic algebraic operation and should work with Matlab® as well.


Some of quantum-octave function are documented within source files. In particular you should find this package useful if you are interested in

  • construction of quantum states,
  • construction of quantum circuit,
  • testing properties of states and matrices,
  • analysis of entanglement,
  • operations including partial transposition and partial trace.

If you think that some function should be added to this list send an e-mail to the authors.

How to get quantum-octave

git clone
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