Quantum games in open systems

Project manager

Piotr Gawron (IITiS PAN)


  • Jarosław Adam Miszczak (IITiS PAN)
  • Zbigniew Puchała (IITiS PAN)

Project meetings


  • [1] Gawron P., Klamka J., Winiarczyk R., "Noise effects in the quantum search algorithm from the viewpoint of computational complexity", International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Vol. 22 (2012): 493-499. arXiv:1108.1915.

    We analyse the resilience of the quantum search algorithm in the presence of quantum noise modelled as trace preserving completely positive maps. We study the influence of noise on computational complexity of the quantum search algorithm. We show that only for small amounts of noise the quantum search algorithm is still more efficient than any classical algorithm.

  • [2] J.A. Miszczak, P. Gawron, Z. Puchała, "Qubit flip game on a Heisenberg spin chain", Quantum Information Processing, Vol. 11 (2012): 1571–1583. arXiv:1108.0642.

    We study a quantum version of a penny flip game played using control parameters of the Hamiltonian in the Heisenberg model. Moreover, we extend this game by introducing auxiliary spins which can be used to alter the behaviour of the system. We show that a player aware of the complex structure of the system used to implement the game can use this knowledge to gain higher mean payoff.

Project information

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