Methods of development, modelling and analysis of quantum internetworking protocols

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  • Poster “Spontaneous moralization problem in quantum stochastic walk”, Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography, Paris, France, 06.2017
  • Poster “The role of quantum correlations in Cop and Robber game”, 14th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop, Smolenice, Slovakia, 05–06.2017
  • Inivted talk “Applications of quantum walks”, 2nd COST IC1405 meeting, 24th-26th Feb 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, 24/02/2016
  • Talk “Podstawy obliczeń kwantowych”, Instytut Badań Systemowych, Warszawa, 17/12/2016
  • Poster “Constructive quantum scaling of unitary matrices”, 13th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop, Valtice, Czech Republic, 06.2016
  • Poster “Inference in quantum Bayesian networks”, 12th Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop, Telč, Czech Republic, 10.2015
  • Special Session on Computer algebra in quantum computing and quantum information theory at the 21st International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra 2015 (ACA2015). Informacje dostępne na stronie:
  • Poster: Exploring quantum networks with faulty sense of direction. First Workshop on Quantum Networks and Repeaters, Pacific Groove, USA, 17/05/2015.
  • Invited talk “Podstawy obliczeń kwantowych”, Politechnika Śląska, Wydział Elektryczny, Konferencja Kół Naukowych, Bielsko-Biała, 20/02/2015
  • Seminarium “Modelling of quantum informatics systems with the use of quantum programming languages and symbolic computation”, WAT, Instytut Systemów Informatycznych, Warszawa, 25/07/2013“
  • Talk “Functional framework for representing and transforming quantum channels”, 19th Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra, Malaga, Spain, 02/07/2013

Project information

  • Polish title: Metody tworzenia, modelowania i analizy protokołów w intersieciach kwantowych
  • Project funded by Narodowe Centrum Nauki
  • Number: DEC-2011/03/D/ST6/00413
  • Dates: 03.09.2012 - 02.09.2017
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